FAQ & Policy


I make each piece to order, so please allow 2-3 weeks for the process. If you need anything in a hurry, let me know before ordering and I’ll do my very best to accommodate your timeline.


Standard shipping within the U.S. is USPS Priority Mail for a flat rate of $10. If you need rush shipping or require the use of another carrier please get in touch before ordering.


I want you to love your purchase, and will accept returns or exchanges on any unworn pieces within 10 days of receipt.


I stand behind the quality of my work, and offer free repairs for any issues resulting from normal wear and tear within one year of purchase. If you have an older piece or a mishap and need a repair, just let me know and I’ll assess the cost based on damage. I’m also happy to provide refinishing, such as re-blackening silver, for a small charge. Please see the care information below for tips on how to keep your jewelry looking beautiful.

Single Earring Replacement:

Unfortunately, we all lose earrings from time to time, but you can purchase a single one at half the price of a pair. Send along a photo of the single with a ruler, or for optimal matching mail the remaining earring back.

Jewelry Care:

The more care you take with wearing and handling your pieces, the longer they will stay spectacular. I take my jewelry off when I get home to extend the life of the work. More specifically, I avoid wearing it to do heavy work, wash, or apply lotion.

Steel/Iron is susceptible to rust and should never be worn to shower or swim. Only put these pieces on after applying lotions and sprays, and keep them from staying wet or damp if you’re caught in the rain. A hairdryer works wonders in the case of accidental exposure to moisture, but be sure not to burn your fingers on the heated metal! Store your steel and iron jewelry away from moisture, and in a bag or box if you’re concerned about a humid environment.

Silver, if it’s not already blackened, will tarnish with oxygen exposure. To slow this process, store your silver jewelry in an anti-tarnish pouch or paper, or an airtight bag. If your pieces are made entirely of silver, you can remove tarnish with a polishing cloth or a chemical dip from the hardware store. Be sure to use caution if you decide to use these chemicals, and be aware that use of the cloth or chemicals might not be advisable if your jewelry contains stones. If your jewelry is oxidized silver, using any tarnish remover will wear away the black color. Normal wear of blackened silver will buff up the high points in any texture, accentuating the texture’s pattern. Any oxidized jewelry can be re-blackened if you’re not excited about the natural changes that occur with this finish.

Pearls are organic material and should be treated gently. Avoid contact with cleaners, lotions, and perfumes, and store them in a separate pouch so they don’t rub against your metal jewelry and get scratched.

Diamonds are very tough, but if lotions or soaps are allowed to build up around them the sparkle diminishes. Diamond jewelry can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and soapy water, or taken to the pros for deep cleaning and to check on the continued security of stone settings.

Textures can catch lotion and debris, but the same toothbrush and soapy water trick can help. Having trouble with a particularly stubborn bit? Put your piece in a heat-safe container, let it have a bath in some hot water, and try the toothbrush again. This may not be the best method if your textured jewelry also contains delicate stones.


If you’d like a different necklace length or ring size, just send me a note to inquire. I’m happy to make my pieces the right fit for you.

Do you want something more customized? Get in touch with the details!

Some of the one of a kind work shown on my site is still available! Inquire about purchasing any of those pieces; if that exact one has already found a home I will happily make something similar for you.

Please note that custom pieces may take longer, depending on complexity. I’ll let you know based on the project.


I’m excited to work with other shops and galleries! Please include a link to your business in the contact page if you’d like to work together.

If you aren’t part of a store or gallery but think I should check a particular one out, please let me know. I’m always interested in discovering new venues.